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APSS-313, Page 10
Going into drydock (AFDM-5) Subic Bay,Philippines.
Probably 1963/64
                  Photo submitted by Gerry "beans" Darnell
Gerry Darnell & Susie Wong on the right, Susie WongTuu and Steve Reem on the left. I guess in Hong Kong.
                                 Photo submitted by Gerry Darnell

It must have been a nice place if "beans" went there.
            Business card submitted by Gerry Darnell
Synan, on special Opps. Maybe in the PI.
             Photo submitted by Gerry Darnell
Hauling-Ass on all 2 main engines. Maybe 14 kts.  That must have been me on the wheel, by the looks of the strait wake..
                              Photo submitted by Gerry Darnell
This is a special photo for me.  There was an incident when the officers head had a problem. (maybe a kotex got stuck in the overboard discharge valve). Anyway, the weather was kinda choppy, but I was wanted to go over the side to check the discharge opening.  Things really went to shit and I was getting beat up pretty bad.  Bob Parsons, (rest his oars) went here , grabbed me after several attempts, and hauled me aboard.  He saved my life.  I don't know why I remember, but John Peterson was in the starboard shears.
                        Photo submittted by Gerry Darnell