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APSS-313, page 29
From l. to r., clockwise, Ding Dong Bell, Harold Carnahan, Neil Signorelli, Ed Willis, Ken Anderson, Beans, Felix Fernandez, Torricarian, (maybe), John Gray, John Hite, ??? & Frank Tallerico.
Rintz's back and O'Shea sitting down.
All photos on this page are from Ed 'shaggy-dog' Willis                                                      Submitted by Neil Signorelli.
Steve Reem & ???.
Ludwig. GMG1
      Bill "Rat Meat" Moore, in Hawaii.
It's nice to be the Webmaster. I can put a large photo of myself on the page. I don't know where this was tho...
Troops going ashore, but I don't remember where.
Ok Sig, if you say we hit something with the 40mm, I'll take your word for it.