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APSS-313, page 34
USS Perch (APSS-313)
Reunion, March, 2002
   Quicker than a Klaxon, the reunion came and went. Speaking for myself I really enjoyed seeing and talking to the animals that attended and I admit I needed help in the recoginition department (CRS) of at least 25% of animals there.  I believe everyone found it worth their time and effort to attend.
    A special thanks (In alphabetacal order) to Peterson and Reuter(s) for the many hours of work put in and a "job well done"Also to those who spent time tracking people down.
The following is a list of the people who were on deck.

Lee Drake & Mrs., 1951/52 crew & Chuck Elliott, 1952/53 crew

David Bass
Dominique E. (Doc's guest)
Mike Bennett
Clyde Best
Henry Cambell
Dennis Coshow & Mrs.
Bruce Curry
Gerry Darnell
Ron Dykes
Richard Pescatore
John Peterson
Dave Poage
Alby Poblete & Mrs.
Steve Reem
Larry Reuter & Mrs.
Neil Signorelli & Mrs.

Frank Tallerico
John Tregoning
Murdock Weltzien (Kimo) & Mrs.
Bernard Whitnable & Mrs.
Ed Willis
Rubin Yabut & Mrs.
Ron Rintz (By Phone)
(1961 thru 1966 crew)

Ed Edmiston
Felix Fernandez
John Gray
Ken Kochsiek
Web Meyers
Bill Moore & Mrs.
Don O'Shea

* If I missed any one, let me know and I'll get this page up to speed. 
  Also correct spelling and ommissions.
     I hope everyone will take a little time once in awhile and continue to search and network with others in order to find the shipmates we didn't locate in time for this event and submit new items and info for this web site for years to come.   I also apperciated that our departed shipmates were remembered.
     It was also good to hear that plans are already underway for the USSVI convention at Reno, NV  in September, 2003.
    If anyone is sending photos for the web site and the email doesn't go through, it may be my mail box is full.  Just wait a day or so and try again.  I will try to keep the inbox empty and the site current as I get things.
    Again, it was good to see and talk to all of you and I enjoyed everything very much. Good job guys!!!
Ps.  If by chance anyone has seen enough photos of "Ratmeat", I will give him a seperate page and you    
      don't have to look at it.
Dave Poage
  This commissioning pennant is to state the
               USS Perch (APSS-313)
            future reunions are underway.
                                                      Thanks, Ratmeat
Thanks Pete
Thanks Mike