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APSS-313, page 36
Left to Right.  John Peterson, Me, Chuck Elliot, Neil Signorelli and Don O'Shea blocked out by Frank Tallericos back.
Don O'Shea, talking to "Rotten" Ron Rintz, probably calling him a no-load for not getting to the reunion.
Miscellaneous Photos Of Reunion 2002
l. Steve Reem, r. Dennis Cowshow.
John Gray
Bill Moore, "Captain of photography".

Ed "Uncle Ed" Edminston
Clyde Best, "Great profile Clyde".
Clyde was man,s Best friend when he made a San Magoo run.
l. John Peterson, r. Larry Reuter. (Reunion Orginizers)
Ed Willis
David (Sam)(Doc) Bass
Alby Poblette