APSS-313, page 38
Here's for Trigger & Beans.  The "Busher" from the Appollo Club,
Olongapo, 1964/65
              Photo from Gerry Darnell
l. to r. Gun, Debus, Coshow, Sigi standng, below Sigi,Walters & Synan.
                                               Photo from Neil Signorelli
Shaggy Dog.  Signorelli says he is practicing his chinese.
                                                Photo from Neil Signorelli
Welcome Ladies.  l. to r. Bette Poblete, Jean Leamy, Norma Weltzien, Jeanette Reuter, Nancy Signorelli, Barbara Moore, Carmen Coshow and Reva Yabut.  If this is not correct, let me know.
                                          Photo from Neil Signorelli.
Standing, l. to r. are Nancy Signorelli, Barbara Moore, Jeanette Reuter, Jean Leamy and Bette Poblete.
Seated, l. to r. are Norma Weltzien, Carmen Coshow, Reva Yabut and Janet Drake.
                                                Photo from Neil Signorelli