APSS-313, page 49
Shaggy Dog's 1st Annual Fishing Expidition. Key West,Florida. March 2003.
                                                             All photos on this page submitted by Jim Bowen
Bean's on the right, Steve on the left.
Bean's, I like your 60's Bar T-Shirt.
l.to r. Jimbo, Beans, Mrs. Beans (Katherine), Steve, Mrs. Steve (Joan), Shaggy, Mrs. Sig (Nancy)  and Sig.
Sigi & Shaggy. Two master fisherman or masterbaiters.
l. to r. Shaggy, Carmen, Coshow, Ron Dykes, Steve & Mrs. Steve
Bean's, is that a periscope next to you?
Where's the fish?
Shaggy, are you  lost or is that a fish map?
Bean's, Steve, Mrs. Steve, and Mrs. Beans
Must catch some big  fish with bait like that!!!
Shaggy, Ron (Howdy-Doody) , Steve & Beans.  A lot of San Magoo's but it doesn't look like a fish fry.