APSS Perch 313, page 82
I found my patch.  This patch was used on the Perch during 1956 through 1959.  I have never seen this patch on the web before.  This is an original.

Loyde Mattern
Sgt. L. E. Mattern, Ret.
Washington State Patrol
Law Enforcement, 30 years
Here is a current picture of me with Mitzi.  My wife, Ronnie, and I have a motor home we travel in - but I have a health problem and need bottled oxygen part of the time.  We know about the reunion in Las Vegas in April 2006 and would love to come - it will depend upon my health.

My brother, Duane L. Mattern, 4 years younger than I, shipped on the USS Patrick Henry SSBN/SSN 599 in 1961.

Loyde "Matt" Mattern
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