APSS Perch, page 94

Perch Reunion
  December 5 - 8, 2010
Biloxi, Mississippi
Grand Biloxi Casino Hotel & Spa
Standing (left to right): Gerry (Beans) Darnell - Ed (Shaggy Dog) Willis - Dennis Coshow - Bill (Ratmeat) Moore - Larry (Roto) Reuter - Jim (Jimbo) Bowen - Ed Edmiston - Richard Pescatore - Mert (Kimo) Weltzien - Johnny Humphrey - John Gray - Wally Debus

Kneeling in front (left to right): 
Steve (Mojo) Reem - Mike (Cheese Whiz) Burkholder
A big Thank You to:

Jim Bowen - for organizing this reunion and all the work that it entails.

Bill Moore - for his superb job as "entertainment director" with videos and music and photographic wizardry.

Mike Burkholder - for the beautifully hand-crafted Perch plaque that was raffled off.  It was won by Wally Debus.