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Another Temple (and new bike.)
Kong, with a couple of her favorite flowers.  This beach isn't very good but it's a place we like to go sometimes.
It's not a Harley, but it's the best I can do.  It is a Honda Phantom.
It's 200cc with 6 gears. It's so much easier on my back than the small bike, and is a comfortable ride. ($2009.00) Oh ya, they do let me in the Harley Pub tho...
    I don't know if anyone  remembers the Phantom comic strip from years ago, but I lifted this from a Phantom web site.  I am trying to make a couple of decals to put on my bike.
    As the bike is quite popular here in Thailand I will have the only one with an original Phantom logo.
Jomtien, page15
These are just a few photos of a shakedown trip Kong and I made trying out my new bike.  It's a Honda Phantom, 200cc, 6 speed. Very comfortable. $2009.00
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