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Jomtien, page 16
This is me and Kong waiting at the wrong pier for the ferry boat.
At the bottom of this page is a link giving more detail of these photos.
A boat similar to what we were riding in.
The ferry landing at Ko Chang Island. Photo taken from the back of a taxi.
One bungalow made into two, made for a very small room.
The rocky beach. You can see in the background how far we had to walk to get to a swimming beach.
One of the snack shacks & restaurant on the beach.
On one of our daily walks.
.Kongs first time snorkeling.
By the end of the day you can see she really enjoyed it.
Next to the crabs is the fan leaf I describe in the link below.
The 3 stool bar to the left.  The registration desk in the background and the rest was the restaurant.
Clicking this link will give a better description of the 4day trip.