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Bean's visit to Thailand
          Bean's was supposed to meet me at the K.R. Bar.  I thought he would be arriving by airport limosine service.  He passed me in a car and I didn't see him. About the antisipated ETA (3:00 PM) I get a phone call and he was already checked into his hotel. Ten minutes later he is accross the street taking this photo of me.
          We sat there for a short while then went to the 60's Bar downtown where they have a free buffet on Sunday, and had Taco's and refried beans (sic).  We made one other stop at a British Bar where I showed him a picture on the wall of the Perch, in reference to landing a British SBS Unit in Malaysia.
          As it was a 28-30 hour day for him we went back early so he could get some rest.
          There will a page of photos for each day  he was here (4)  This first page will take the longest to load.
This was are transportation for the various trips we took.
          Our first stop was Bobby Joe's 60's Bar for breakfast. Where we went every morning.
Entrance to the Elephant Village.
Day One
Petting a baby elephant.
The Elephant we were to ride for an hour.
We almost got wet, but didn't.  That's the elephants trunk, lower right.
Gerry atop look out hill with Pattaya City in the background.
Looking up Buddaha Hill.
          Gerry with one big Buddaha.  Sorry Bean's, I cut off the top of his head.
          Of a dozen smaller statues, this one had a special intrest to Gerry.