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APSS-313,  page 12
Larry Johnson on the left, Dennis Doris, front right,
Tim Heika rear right,  maybe Putzer next to Tim & Blackmore behind Larry Johnson to the left. And that may be Snyder behind Doris.
                         Photo Submitted by Web Meyer
Marty  Holleran, front right, Larry behind Marty & Tim Heika in the rear. The rest ???CRS. That may be me in the center, rubbing my eye.
                           Photo submitted by Web Meyers
l. to r. John Hite, Larry Johnson, Beans, & Maurice LaPlante in the jacket
              Photo submitted by Web Meyer
Center front, Blackmoore, to his left is Levinson SK3. On the far left is Robertson in the back is Tim Heika, The rest ??? CRS.
                                 Photo submitted by Web Meyer
USS Darter on Bombay Shoal, South China Sea.
                                     Photo submitted by Web Meyer
Weeb and his signature "shit eatin grin".