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APSS-313, Page 13
All been here, especially "Flapper" Jim
This photo came from, courtesy of Myron Howard. Submitted by Dave Carpenter.
John Tregoning (Trigger) 1999.  Trigger, I put the photo on the left for you, because I heard you talking to it sometimes.  I believe you used to call it "raaauuulph"
This photo also from submarine by Dave Carpenter, ex-USS Menhaden, who knows Trigger 
I believe is wrong & this is Tunny alongside Perch at Subic Bay.
     Photo from, courtsey of 
     Myron Howard. Submitted by Dave Carpenter.
                                               (USS Menhaden)
l. to r. Stout (Stubby), Rintz (Rotten Ron) & the same Trigger in the above photo.
                                      Photo Submitted by Web Meyer