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APSS-313, page 16
This is a link that Ron Dykes sent to me.  It has photos of the Perch at Mare Island Naval Shipyard and surface sea trials San Francisco Bay.  I believe this was in the mid 1950,s
All the photos below were submitted by: A. E. Morgan
Bill Wolfe, With the photo, I now remerber.
Bob Wix in Subic.
John Gray
  Another John Gray.  It looks like the barracks in Subic.
Kimo, bending over, on the left CRS.
Larry Johnson on the left, Palmer Wood on the right.
Laswell, looks like an engine overhaul.
One screwed up engine liner.
Another shot of the ARVN on the after deck. That may be Ding-Dong on the left Morgan & Walters on the right.
Walters, Morgan & Debus on the right.