APSS-313, page 2
Left to right, Web Meyers, John  Peterson, Tim Hieka & Gerry Darnell, probably 1964 or 65.
     Photo from Web Meyers, submitted John Peterson
I don't remember Alpha, but the rest of the guy's I do.
                                  What Bar???
         Photo by Web Meyers, submitted by John Peterson
A visit to USS Darter resting on Bombay Shoal, South China Sea.
                                             Photo's submitted by Larry Reuter
Ron Rintz, "Honorary" diving officer, Ron Dykes on stern planes, Asuelo, on the bow planes.
  Photo from Web Meyers, submitted by John Peterson.
       A little R&R that was acctually not in a bar.
                                Photo submitted by Ron Dykes.
Jumpin Joe Soutter, I don't remember him from Perch. 
                         Photo submitted by John Burkholder.
Nice photo Ron, Thanks.  Putzer says this was 1965..
                                 Phhoto submitted by Ron Dykes