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APSS-313, page 40.
Left to Right: Ken Kochseik, Web Meyers,Ed Willis, Mike Bennett, Bernard Whitnable, Chuck Elliot, John Tregoning, Richard Pescatore, Don O'Shea, Bruce Curry, Ron Dykes, Steve Reem, Gerry Darnell, Neil Signrelli, Doc Bass,  Dave Poage, & Alby Poblete.
                                                                                                                                 Photo from Neil Signorellli

Top Row Left to Right: Mike Bennett, Frank Tallericco, Henry Cambell, Bernard Whitnable, Richard Pescatore, Bruce Curry,  Gerry Darnell, Ron Dykes, John Tegoning, Steve Reem, Neil Signorelli, Dave Poage, Doc Bass, Don O'Shea. Bottom Left to Right: Ken Kochsiek, Chuck Elliot, Bill Moore, Ed Willis, Web Meyers, John Gray, Alby Poblete & Larry Reuter.
                                                                                                                                   Photo from Neil Signorelli