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APSS-313, page 41
Left to Right: Synan, Petersen IC3/2 & Phil Bartell.
                                  Photo submitted by Carolyn Bartell
l. to r.: Larry Reuter, Ron Dykes & Gerry Darnell
All the photos below were submitted by Trigger.
l. to r.: Don O'Shea, Alby Poblete & Dennis Coshow
l. to r.: Shaggy Dog, & Steve Reem
l. to r.: Dave Poage, Sam Bass, Don O'Shea & Bill Moore
l. to r.: John Gray & Frank Tallirico
l. to r.: Alby Poblete, Weeb Meyers,???, Bill Moore & ???.
l. to r.: Web Meyers, Bill Moore Larry Reuter,???, Henry Cambell.
l. to r.: I believe Doc Bass, Ed Willis, Neil Signorelli, Gerry Darnell & ???.
l. to r.: Dave Poage, ???, Doc Bass, Don O'Shea & Bill Moore.
l. to r.: John "Trigger" Tregoning & Web"Weeb" Meyers
l. to r.: Ed Willis talking to Ron Rintz, Don O'Shea, John Peterson & Trigger.
l. to r.: Larry Reuter, Alby Pobletty Kemo, Don O'Shea ???, John Gray & ???.