APSS-313, Page 42
All Photos on this page are from John"Trigger Tregoning
l. to r.: Dave Poage, Bean's back, Larry Reuter, Neil Signorelli & Alby Poblete.
l. to r.: Kemo, Tallerico, Gray, willis, Moore & in red ???..

l. to r.: Larry Reuter, Steve Reem, ???, John Peterson & Ken Kochseik.
l. to r.: Web Meyers,Ken Kochseik, John Peterson & Larry Reuter.
l. to r.: Larry Reuter & Bernard Whitnable
l. to r.: "Doc" Bass, Dave Poage & Ed Willis.
l. to r.: Ron Dykes, Gerry Darnell & Sam Bass.
l. to r.: Web Meyers, Bill Moore & John Tregoning.
      l. to r.: Howdy Doody, Sig, Rat Meat & Shaggy Dog
                    John Gray
l. to r.: Poblete, Kemo, O'Shea, Gray, ???, Willis & Moore.
                You guys figure this one out.