APSS Perch 313, page 52
August 31 - September 5, 2003
at the Reno Hilton, Reno, NV
Jim (Jimbo) Bowen, Gerry (Beans) Darnell, Katherine (Mrs. Beans) Darnell,
Norma (Mrs. Kimo) Weltzien, Mert (Kimo) Weltzien
Gerry (Beans) Darnell, Mert (Kimo) Weltzien, Jim (Jimbo) Bowen with his new USSVI vest, and Ruben Yabut
One of the four official patches for the USS Perch - this is the one from the Korean War era.
One of the many patches Beans bought at the Convention. The Perch was here before the Turner Joy and Maddox Gulf of Tonkin incident that resulted in the escalation of the Vietnam War.  After that incident, from 1964-66, the Perch made a number of trips to Vietnam with UDT-11 and 12 and Special Forces.
Tom (Mad Dog) and Betty Malloy
The sign-in page from the USS Perch "boat book" at the Convention.
Tom was on the Perch for about 6 months before he transferred to the Tunney when it relieved the Perch.