APSS Perch 313, page 53
Steve "Mojo" Reem with Albert H. Konetzni, Jr.(Vice Admiral (SS), two WWII sub vets, and Capt. ?, the Admiral's aide.

The Admiral is wearing Reem's hat from the Sculpin; both the Admiral and Reem served aboard the Sculpin.
Reno Subvets Convention, continued
Bill and Gayle Wolfe and Beans.  Bill was a quartermaster on the Perch and the Tunny, for those of you with CRS.
John "Trigger" Tregoning and his lovely wife, Barbara.  This was Trigger's 65th birthday!!
Another patch purchase from Bean's collection.
Frank Tallerico (looking good!) and Gerry "Beans" Darnell.  Frank spent a day at the convention and was on his way to look at a boat that he was going to purchase and possibly live on.  He also has a commercial fishing boat.