APSS Perch 313, page 62
John Gray forwarded the following report and photos on Subic Bay.  These were done by an old Barbel sailor and sent to John. 
          "I spent 3 days in the PI last week (week of November 5, 2004).  Went to Subic on Friday, the 5th (of November)..  Drove down from Angeles City where I was staying at the Clarkton Hotel.  Took about two hours to drive down on the back road.  Plenty of evidence of the Pinitubo eruption around, still."

          "Entered Subic on the new toll road that bypasses Olongapo.  It enters from the northwest over the hills.  You drive through the new industrial parks I and II and then enter the base proper from the junction with the Cubi point road."

          "The base itself looks like all closed USN bases.    The shipyard is closed and run down.  There are gates that prevent you from getting into the shipyard and to the Bravo and Riviera wharves.  Alawa pier is accessible and is ready for use including two sea van cranes.  There were no ships in port the day I was there."

          "A number of the buildings were severely damaged by the Pinitubo eruption and were torn down including the CPO club now replaced by a big hotel.  There is also a partially completed multi-story building that has been abandoned for several years.  The old fleet exchange is an abandoned building.  The Comissary and Exchange are now duty-free stores."

          "Old base areas are pretty well maintained and the buildings are being used for schools, several banks, a business center, several service companies and small businesses."

          "The companies in the business parks are all in brand-new buildings.  They include Wiston (ACER), Taiwan Hitachi, Firm Precision Abrasives, and EZ Set Door Locks."
                                                                                                                        (end of email text)

Read the sign, abandoned buildings in the background.
Access point to Alawa Pier
Building adjacent to Alawa Pier entrance.