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Guards at Ambon, Indonesia.
These guys looked mean compared to the guys in Kema.  But it turned out they were OK.  They would bring down coconut wine at night and we would get plastered. Terriable stuff.
The Storm...
One day out of Ambon, I hit a big storm, 50-60 knot winds with 30-40 foot swells.  That's when the mast broke and we almost met Davy Jones.  We drifted for 10 days then were picked up by a Japenese fishing boat and towed about a hundred miles back to Ambon.  With so many problems with immigration & trying to get repairs, I just gave up.  It was quit an effort getting back to Manila, But that's another story!!!
The End
I would like to publish the book about Tanduay, on this web site, but I don't have enough space on this web server.