This link is about a book Dave Poage published in 1997.  It just has a few photo's with a comment. Tanduay was the name of a sailboat he had built in the Philippines in 1965 and tried to sail to the US. in 1966.
This link is about a vacation Dave  took to  Barrio Barretto, Philippines in 1997. He had a very good time visiting some old friends and former shipmates.
This link is about Jomtien Beach,Thailand and Thailand in general, where Dave has lived since a trip there in 1999  It is mostly for his family and friends, but others may enjoy it. Gerry (Beans) Darnell visited Dave in Thailand in Oct 2002 and those pictures start on page 20.           
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Dave Poage started this website for all former crew members of the USS Perch (APSS-313) on 11 Nov 01. He wanted all to contribute to the site and hoped it would bring back good memories!  Dave has done a magnificent job and has also set up the other links of this website, which will remain for everyone to enjoy.  Thank you, Dave, for all you have done for all of us! 

On 15 May 03, Gerry (Beans) Darnell, assisted by Mrs. Beans (Katherine), took over the website duties.  His email is and he promises to try to maintain the high standards and integrity of this website as set down by Dave. Tough duty, but Beans will give it his best shot!
In Memoriam
Dave Poage
1943 - 2009